What kinds of sessions do you offer?  How much do you charge?

I offer sessions for families, children, newborns, seniors, and professionals, as well as event photography.  I'm happy to work with you to figure out which fits your needs best.  For session options and pricing information click here.  For information about photography lessons, click here.

Where do sessions take place?

When you book your session, we will work together to select a location that matches your vision for the session and will provide the best images considering time of day, lighting, access, etc.  This can be at your home or on location in Bahrain. Please note: Due to the travel time, Tree of Life is only an option for 60-90 minute sessions; no Mini sessions.

What should we wear for the session?

My first rule of thumb is to wear something you will feel comfortable in!  This doesn't mean you have to show up in sweatpants ;) but you will look your best when you feel your best.  If you are taking pictures as a group or family I recommend that everyone "go" together but not match.  Pick a couple of colors to play with and then build everyone's outfits from there; include some pattern and texture.  For my own family pictures, I tend to figure out what I'm going to wear first (it's always hardest for mom to decide!) and then choose outfits for the kids and dad around that.  If you Google "what to wear for family pictures" there are some great guides and Pinterest boards by color.  I love this part of preparing for sessions, so always feel free to email me any specific questions or pictures of outfits and I'm happy to help finalize your selections.

What comes with the session fee?  Do I have to pay for access to the pictures afterwards?

Your session fee covers my availability for consultation via phone or email leading up to your session, time spent shooting on the day of your session, professional editing of your images, and your online gallery of high resolution images at the end. All my sessions come with a certain number of images with download and print rights included in the cost of the session.  This varies by session, so be sure to click here for the Pricing page.  Prints and photo gifts are available for an additional cost through SmugMug straight from your online gallery.  You can either select and order them yourself, or I'm always happy to set up an ordering appointment with you free of charge.  We will sit together in front of the computer and I will walk you through deciding which images to order, in which sizes, and with which medium (canvas, framed print, etc.).

It seems like we took a ton of pictures of the session but I only see 25 in my gallery.  What's up with that?

Before delivering your gallery, I go through and carefully cull all of the images taken during our session.  I start by deleting any that do not meet my professional standards: blinking eyes, out of focus faces, etc.  Once those have been deleted, I go through the remaining and pick the best of the best.  If there are duplicates that are all good, I focus in on small details and pick the best 1-2.  After I have done that for each shot, I end up with my final set of images to edit.  I import those into professional software and spend time balancing colors, enhancing light, smoothing out skin, removing eyesores, and so on, to provide you with the best possible images.  The final step is to upload the images into your gallery and send off an email letting you know they are ready!  Note: number of images edited varies based on type of session.  Please see the Pricing page for full details.  

I really loved the picture we took of XYZ.  Why isn't it included in my gallery?

My editing time is carefully built into the cost of each session.  During your session will we take a variety of pictures with different set ups.  Once your session is over, I prioritize a select number of images based on the type of session you booked; not everything makes the cut.  If there is a particular object, landmark, or grouping that is especially important to include in your gallery, please note that when booking your session so that I can prioritize those images during my editing time.

I paid for an hour long session and there are over 40 images in my gallery.  Do I have to pay for the extra ones?

No, sometimes with the full sessions, I have a really hard time narrowing down the gallery to the minimum number of images promised.  I just have too many favorites I don't want to leave out!  In this case, you end up with some extras.  Enjoy! 

Can I see all of the images from the session?  You don't have to edit them; I just want to see them.

No, I never share unedited images from a session.  I shoot in RAW and all images must be processed before sharing.

When is the best time of day for our session?

The rule in photography is usually within an house of sunrise or sunset for lighting.  Sunsets are beautiful in Bahrain and if my availability and your schedule allow it, I always recommend sunset! Sunrise is a little trickier here since the sun rises so incredibly early.  Most people (including me!) don't want to get up at 4:00am for a session.  Don't worry, though: I have discovered a few places that are especially beautiful in the later morning hours if that's what works with your schedule.  When you book your session, we will work together to find a time and location that mesh with your schedule.  The forts in particular, given the shade the walls provide, can work all hours of the day.  

What happens if I need to cancel my session after booking?

All sessions require a signed contract and 50% non-refundable initial payment for booking.  I ask that you prioritize our session and make every effort to commit to our original session day and time, but I understand life happens sometimes.  If something comes up last minute, I will provide you with a few alternative days and times to reschedule your session.  The initial payment applies to the new day and time.  If you choose not to reschedule, you forfeit the initial payment.