And Then There Were Five

The cutest nursery I ever did see.  A house full of girls (dad is so outnumbered!).  Two doting pups ready for their spotlight.  An at home lifestyle newborn session.  Welcome to the world, Baby K!

Sunset Garden Cake Smash Session

Today I've got an adorable cake smash session to share with you.  Cake smashes are such a fun way to celebrate baby's first year coming to end.  Plus, who wouldn't want to sit in a beautiful garden and smash cake into their face?  Sign me up!  With these sessions we usually start with family photos while everyone is nice and clean and then the fun starts and we get messy with cake.  I love watching how babies all react differently to the cake.  Some can be hesitant, skeptical of this mound of sugar in front of them but this birthday boy dove right in!

Backyard Family Session with the Swains

It's not often you find such a beautiful, grass-filled garden in Bahrain.  So when Lindsey mentioned she wanted her family session in their backyard, I knew it would be the perfect spot.  With dad dressed for the occasion in his uniform, mom and kids looking beautiful, and the glow of the afternoon sun, I had fun hanging with this crew!

As mamas, we spend all year taking photos of our kids, maybe rarely getting in front of the camera ourselves. My goal is to make your big moment in front of the camera once a year come to life . See your family the way your feel it everyday: full of love, movement, and connection.

Amwaj Breastfeeding Group

When my first daughter was born four and a half years ago and I was a brand new mom learning everything for the first time there was a group at our local hospital that was a huge source of support for me.  Run by one of the best lactation consultants in the Washington, DC area the group was primarily for breastfeeding support but really it was a group for all moms, breastfeeding or not.  Once we outgrew attending the group as mom and new baby, I stayed connected through an email listserv where I learned so much about nursing, nutrition and feeding, sleeping, baby and toddler behavior, and so on.  So much of who I am as a mom is because of that group, the support everyone provided each other, and the things I learned through the email listserv.  I think groups like this are so so so important for new moms.  It makes a world of difference when you have a network of other moms to ask for advice and lean on for support.  So, when I saw that Ouiam El Hassani (Rainbows & Unicorns Doula Services) and Vicky Honar (IBCLC of Breastfeeding in Bahrain) were hosting a breastfeeding cafe here in Bahrain, I knew I wanted to be involved.

I don't have many regrets when I look back on my time as a brand new mom, but one thing I do regret is not taking more photographs.  We did not have professional newborn photos taken of either of my girls.  I wish I would have taken the time and invested the money in a quality lifestyle session to capture those early weeks of snuggling my new baby.  This is what I wanted to offer the new moms at Oiuam and Vicky's breastfeeding group.  Relaxed, easy photos they could look back on to remember a slice of the early days.  

This was a challenge for me (I love a good challenge!).  I had only ever met one of the women in the group, so almost all of them I did not know.  I also had never seen the space and wasn't sure how it would work out for photos.  Luckily, the space - 136.1 Yoga Studio in Amwaj - turned out to be light filled and beautiful!  I cannot say enough about how beautiful this studio is.  And, I had beautiful mamas to photograph also: we had expectant moms, newborns, and a couple adorable toddlers.  My hope is that the mamas look back in a year, five years, ten years and are thankful that they took a few minutes to get in front of the camera for these photos with their babies.

Lifestyle Newborn Session - Floating City

Are you ready for some newborn cuteness?  This little miss arrived over the summer and was ready for her first photoshoot. So, I headed to Floating City in Amwaj for an in-home lifestyle newborn session with her and her mamma.  I can't get enough of those toes and that hair!  Check out this session and then keep reading to find out why I prefer lifestyle newborns sessions instead of studio sessions.

Why in-home lifestyle rather than studio newborns sessions? I often get asked what kind of newborn sessions I offer.  I offer two types of sessions: In-Home Lifestyle and Fresh 48 Hospital.  Read below to find out why I prefer lifestyle newborn sessions.

1.  Flexibility - Posed studio newborn sessions must be done within two weeks of the baby being born for best results.  This can be difficult for any number of reasons (healing time for mama, medical concerns for baby that may delay a session, scheduling while family is visiting to see the baby, etc.).  Lifestyle newborn sessions really can be done anytime during those first few early months so you have much more flexibility when picking a day and time to schedule your session.

2.  Low stress - There is no pressure on you or baby.  During lifestyle sessions I always follow the lead of the baby and take photos of whatever you would normally be doing during the time I am at your home.  Sure, we can get some cute photos of baby alone in a favorite outfit, but more than that it is about your connection with baby.  They way they look at you. They way they liked to be held, rocked, fed, snuggled.

3. Time - A lifestyle newborn session can be completed in about an hour.  Studio sessions tend to take much longer.  While the results of a studio session can be gorgeous with perfectly posed sleeping babies, it often takes 3-4 hours of time to get those results.  If the length of a studio session sounds like too much, a lifestyle newborn session might be a better option for you.

Expecting a baby soon and envisioning a relaxed in-home session once baby arrives?  Contact me here to start planning your session!